GPSLockbox Ultra Pro

Flex System

GPSLockbox Flex™ sets the standard for industrial-strength tablet cases and docking vehicle mounts. With a host of unique features including a magnetic charging system and locking mechanism, there is no better way to secure your company's growing wireless investment.

GPSLockbox Ultra Pro
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Use the Source

Your hardware investment is only as dependable as the power you supply to it. GPSLockbox is the only tablet mounting kit that includes an NAC-approved power system for wiring your tablet directly into your vehicle's fuse box, bypassing less-reliable cigarette lighter jacks.

NAC-approved wiring harness
Magnetic charging port (device)

Stay in Charge

The patent-pending GPSLockbox Jolt™ magnetic charging port protects your tablet and guarantes that your charging pins never loosen or disconnect. When it's docked, it's charging. Simple.

Magnetic charging port (dock)

Mobilize Swiftly

Deliveries? Inspections? Your tablet is at home in the vehicle, but sometimes you have to take it with you to get the job done. GPSLockbox secures your tablet while making it a cinch to dock and undock when duty calls. Go ahead—you've got this.

Easily dock and undock GPSLockbox

Go on Lockdown

You have enough to think about without having to keep track of all your business devices. Whether at the front desk or in the front seat, now you can leave it in GPSLockbox—unattended yet secure.

GPSLockbox locking system

Roger Everything

No need to carry two devices—GPSLockbox has got your six with an optional add-on that makes your tablet double as a push-to-talk device, so you'll stay in the loop. Ten–four, over and out.

GPSLockbox becomes a push-to-talk device with an optional accessory.

Take it Easy

You've got more than you can carry. It happens—just don't let your tablet be the price for it. GPSLockbox features an elastic carry strap that makes it easy to keep a good grip on your device when out of the vehicle.

Easy-carry handstrap

Mount It Your Way

GPSLockbox Flex™ is easy to mount in any vehicle. Choose the suction-cup dash mount option for easy self-install in less than 5 minutes, or bolt it in for security. Already have mounting hardware? Flex™ makes rollout in your fleet a breeze with its industry-standard AMPS hole pattern.

4-inch mounting post
Bolt-in base

Choose from the Best

GPSLockbox is available with out-of-the-box support for the most popular devices in the industry; that is just one reason why it the most flexible solution on the market today.

Tab A, Tab E and iPad Mini supported.
Galaxy Tab E
Withstands drops from waist height

Drop and Roll

The GPSLockbox Flex™ is built with a shock-absorbing TPU overmold designed to protect tablets from casual drops—because hey, they happen. Guard your tech with first-rate protection.

Withstands drops from waist height

Weather Extremes

Tablets stop working in very hot and very cold temperatures. The patent-pending Atmos temperature control system add-on prevents overcooling and helps recover from overheating up to 8x faster.

Turn it Up

The optional Eclipse™ speaker ad amplifies push-to-talk communications and navigation instructions alike—so even on the roughest roads in the loudest cities, you'll never miss a beat.

Easy installation

Conquer Compliance

FMCSA regulations are complicated. Compliance is hard. That's why GPSLockbox partners with all three major wireless carriers to provide comprehensive ELD mandate compliance as a solution. Don't just manage compliance—conquer it.



GPSLockbox Flex™ is available in a package for any budget. With custom bundles and volume discounts, get precisely what you need in a package that fits your budget. Ask a sales rep for details.

Flex Basic

Flex Flex Basic
  • Tablet case Tablet case
  • 4" mounting post 4" mounting post
  • Bolt-in base Bolt-in base
  • 2.4-watt bullet charger 2.4-watt bullet charger
  • Optional

  • Standard cradle Standard cradle

Flex Elite

Flex Flex Elite
  • Tablet case Tablet case
  • 4" mounting post 4" mounting post
  • Bolt-in base Bolt-in base
  • Atmos cradle Atmos cradle
  • Magnetic charging system Magnetic charging system
  • Direct wiring harness Direct wiring harness
  • Speaker Speaker
  • Push-to-talk mic Push-to-talk mic

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